Welcome to HAN YUAN 2019-2020

As Autumn follows midsummer, we naturally prepare to welcome a new school year.

Each time school begins again, we welcome the new students with happiness, and eagerly welcome back familiar faces. This time we feel particularly proud, as this is the thirteenth opening day for HAN YUAN. Looking back, the school has continued to focus on its original goal of providing the highest quality Chinese education for children. Through hard work and perseverance we have established local courses with a high reputation, as well as creating a leading IB curriculum. Attending HAN YUAN, many children have become interested, found confidence, and kick-started their ongoing Chinese journey.

Today the importance of learning Chinese seems obvious, and enthusiasm for the language is strong across the world. However, learning Chinese is far more than simple accumulation of knowledge, with methods and critical thought particularly important. Accordingly, HAN YUAN puts Chinese teaching profoundly into practice. Whether it is a regular course that aims to develop habits and to build knowledge, or a special course that is tailored to individual aptitude, personality, and interests, the school puts methods and thought at the heart of innovative Chinese learning to cultivate a Chinese elite.

This year we have upgraded our centers and technology to help students integrate into class and engage with learning more naturally. At the same time, we remain committed to the highest standards in teaching materials and pedagogy.

Of course, the longest journey consists of many short steps. After so many years developing excellence, we are confident in offering responsible and professional education, guiding children on their Chinese learning path.

In this new year, let us grow together!